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Automation for Marketing Teams

Do you know what makes a contact a customer?
Marketing automation helps you know exactly what each contact wants. That means you can grow your business with targeted messages—and automate what no one else has time for.

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Use workflows and drip campaigns to save time

Nurture your leads automatically. Send people through automated workflows based on their unique interests—then drive them to take action.

Sort your audience based on interests—or anything else

Different groups of people care about different things. Use tags to segment people based on their interests, industry, activity, or hundreds of other factors.

Deliver free offers and collect contact information

Capture contact information with high-converting, customizable forms. Then, trigger automations that deliver lead magnets and automatically start a nurture sequence.

Reach people where they are

Your audience doesn’t just hang around their inbox. Reach them across platforms with text message automation, site messages, and Facebook Ads triggered using the data you collect.

Find your most engaged leads

Who’s most interested in what you have to say? Lead scoring and engagement tagging makes it easy to find your most qualified leads.

Move people through each stage of the customer journey

You know it’s important to target messages based on the customer journey. But how do you know which contacts are in which stage? ActiveCampaign helps you segment your audience, and follow up with exactly the information they need.

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Try it free. No credit card required. Instant set-up.

Integrate with the marketing tools you already use

You should be able to use any marketing tool you like. That’s why ActiveCampaign integrates with 280+ different apps, including WordPress, Zapier, and Shopify.

The tools you need for modern marketing

Migration services

We’ll migrate your automations, emails, forms, and contacts to ActiveCampaign for free.

Site & event tracking

See what people are doing on your website and follow up automatically.

5-version split testing

Test subject lines, from name, images, and email content—up to five versions per campaign.

Conditional content

Change email content based on what you know about each contact.

Drag-and-drop builder

Create automations and nurture campaigns with a drag-and-drop, easy-to-understand builder.

Chrome extension

Manage your contacts, tasks, and automations from anywhere online.

Unlimited sending

Send as many emails to your audience as you like.

Deep data integrations

Connect ActiveCampaign to your stack and use data from your other marketing tools.

Advanced reporting

See what’s working in your marketing—and find opportunities to make it work better.

Goal tracking

Track goals and move contacts through the customer journey based on their actions.

Lead scoring

See how each contact engages with your marketing materials.

High-converting forms

Customize four different types of forms to collect contact information and trigger automations.

See how it works for your marketing team

Try it free. No credit card required. Instant set-up.