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Marketing Automation for Customer Success Teams

Monitor customer health and target the highest priority accounts
Which customers need help? Help your team find the biggest areas of opportunity—so you can reduce churn and increase expansion.

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See which customers are in danger of churning

You need to be able to see when accounts are at risk. Lead scoring, engagement tagging, and pipeline automation make it easy to track customer health.

Onboard your customers

Help customers get the most out of your platform by proactively targeting them based on activity and segmentation data. The end result? Lower churn.

Help people self-serve

Save your team time. Create automations that make it easy for customers to get up and running on their own.

Increase your response time

Track customer health and account information to quickly funnel resources to the highest priority accounts.

Collect customer feedback

Deliver net promoter score surveys and see how NPS changes based on which customers you choose to prioritize.

Make your success and support feel personal

Send emails and messages that match each customer’s needs. Customize the timing of your outreach, and sender information, to make each interaction feel personal.

Coordinate your success team

Keep your team on the same page. Manage pipelines and assign tasks based on customer health (or countless other factors) to make sure no customers slip through the cracks.

Stop churn and increase expansion

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Integrate with the tools you already use

You should be able to use any tool you like. That’s why ActiveCampaign integrates with 280+ apps, including Zendesk, Zapier, and Calendly.

The tools customer success managers need to succeed

Site & event tracking

See exactly what your customers are doing in your app and on your website.

Flexible pipeline

Create the pipeline stages and customer health metrics that make sense for your business.

Pipeline automation

Have your customers move through the stages of your process automatically.

Deep data integrations

Bring data in from other apps to inform your customer success processes.

Chrome extension

Manage your contacts, tasks, and automations from anywhere online.

Team collaboration

Tag a teammate to bring them into a conversation and stay on the same page.

Automated tasks

Create tasks in response to key events and assign them to a team member.

Automated workflows

Use triggers, actions, and logic to automate outreach based on contact actions.

Consolidated records

Keep track of all customer information in a single contact record.

See how it works for your success team

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