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Sign-up Forms

When your forms convert better, you get more leads
Sign-up forms let you capture contact information. But they can also tag people based on their interests, start a welcome series, and send follow-up notifications to your team.

Collect contact information, then make a great first impression

When are your contacts most engaged? Right after they give you their contact info! ActiveCampaign forms can trigger actions that let you follow up immediately.

Start an automation

Start a welcome series. Or deliver a lead magnet. Don’t wait to nurture your contacts.

Add a tag

Track where leads come from and what they’re interested in. Segment your contacts right away.

Notify your team

Send your team a notification to follow up with high-value leads.

Add to lists or deals

Keep your contacts organized by adding them to multiple lists or deals.

Convert more customers

Try it free. No credit card required. Instant setup.

4 types of forms to choose from

Not every page needs the same type of form. Choose from four form types to convert more visitors into contacts.

Inline Form
Floating Box
Modal Pop-up
Floating Bar

What if you need to collect contact information in person?

Stop losing business cards at events. Capture email addresses, add tags, and trigger automations with iPad forms—even if you don’t have an internet connection. Your contacts will sync to ActiveCampaign automatically once you’re back online.

Give your forms a makeover

Your forms can have any look you like. Use the forms designer to add images, adjust layouts, or change the color scheme.

Find your best customers with custom fields

Qualify your leads or start segmenting immediately. Custom form fields mean you can ask for any information you need.

Show forms at the right time

A form displayed at the right time can increase conversions. Show forms on scroll to convert more visitors.

Add forms to your website in just a few clicks

The sign-up forms designer gives you what you need to embed your customized form. If you use WordPress, the ActiveCampaign plugin handles form embeds in seconds.

Get the info you need to grow

Try it free. No credit card required. Instant setup.