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Conversational Marketing

Have real-time conversations

Live chat, email, and a unified inbox let you connect the conversations you have with your customers directly to ActiveCampaign.

Give people a warm welcome on your website

Don’t leave your visitors hanging. The conversations live chat tool lets you capture leads and create contacts – directly on your website.

With features like:

  • Customizable auto reply
  • Custom branding
  • Contact creation
  • Triggered automations

Just one click, and you see their entire contact history

Conversations lets you connect your chat and email information to the contact record you have in ActiveCampaign. That keeps all the sales and support data you need in one place—and helps you give your customers a better experience.

Make your support more supportive

Give people the support they need, when they need it. Conversations connects to all the info you already have – so that your team has each contact’s info at their fingertips.

With features like:

  • User permissions
  • Unified inbox
  • Conversation management
  • Reporting
  • Works with all of our other automations

    “The way that it integrates, it creates a contact which works with all of our other automations and it assigns a prospect score. So it’s worked seamlessly with what we have in place already.”

    Nick McGuire, Argo Translation

  • Just click on the profile

    “The biggest difference is that our guys have been able to just click on the profile of whoever’s talking to them, and they’ve got all of their information—the sites they’re visiting, the products they’ve bought…”

    Mike Killen, Sell Your Service

Start connecting with your customers

ActiveCampaign customers, dive into Conversations today.

Take your conversations mobile

The conversations mobile app for both iOS and Android lets you take your conversations into the field. Get notifications, respond to chats, and create great experiences from anywhere.

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The tools you need to create great experiences

Conversations comes with a range of features to make your life easier. Everything connects to ActiveCampaign, so you can access the power of the whole system.

Chat and email

Pick up conversations via chat or email – seamlessly.

Auto reply

Customize the auto-reply triggered by each new visitor message.

Collect contact info

Turn website visitors into ActiveCampaign contacts.

Add chats to contacts

See all chat information in the contact record.

Conversation management

Mark conversations open or complete.


Get notified of new chats on desktop and mobile.

Filter conversations

Filter conversations to find top priorities.

User permissions

Set permissions to view, or view and reply.


See your conversations by the numbers.

Start the conversation

ActiveCampaign customers, connect with your customers today.