How CustomerBloom uses a tech stack to help their clients

“It’s our CRM system. It’s our sales pipeline. It’s our integrated email marketing system. It’s our integrations. So it’s the central point for all of the things that we do.” – Matt Coffy, CEO, CustomerBloom

In 2011 there were 150 marketing technology companies. By 2017 that number leapt to over 5,000.


The explosion in martech companies happened because your business is different. In every industry and business, there are unique challenges to solve—and generic “all-in-one” marketing platforms just don’t have the tools to solve them.

More and more, businesses win by building tech stacks—collections of tools that work for them.

But how do you choose the right tools? How can you hook them together? How do you make sure you’re getting return on your marketing investment?

That’s what CustomerBloom does for its clients.

As a reseller of ActiveCampaign, CustomerBloom:

  • Chooses the best martech platforms based on their niche (medical spas)
  • Integrates marketing platforms into a stack their clients can use
  • Sets up automations and marketing systems that have been tested and proven with other medical spas

At the center, ActiveCampaign collects and stores all customer information—allowing customized, targeted marketing for CustomerBloom’s med spa clients.

What does a tech stack mean for clients?

“We’re becoming sort of a software company that makes no software” – Chase Buckner, VP of Operations, CustomerBloom

Specialized marketing technology is more effective than general marketing technology. That’s the idea behind the tech stack.

When a company tries to solve all of its marketing problems with one piece of software, that software inevitably comes up short.

Marketing is complicated. Software is complicated. Businesses are unique. A piece of software that tries to do everything will never be amazing at anything.

But if you collect the best software—a group of apps that each focus on just one thing…

That’s CustomerBloom’s philosophy. Medical spa clients have unique marketing needs and challenges that all-in-one apps just can’t answer.

It’s also ActiveCampaign’s philosophy. With an open, well-documented API, ActiveCampaign makes it easy to connect the platform to other apps—and pull in the data from those apps to do better marketing.

What does that mean for CustomerBloom’s clients?

  • Access to a technology stack that’s been tested in businesses just like theirs
  • Clearly defined ROI, because data from multiple apps gets pulled into one place
  • Marketing that just works—even when it didn’t seem to work in the past

Because of that open API and a close relationship with people inside ActiveCampaign, CustomerBloom is able to use ActiveCampaign as the central point of its marketing stack—the exact stack that they sell to their clients.

These tools make it easier to resell ActiveCampaign

If you build a marketing stack for your clients, you know that the most time consuming part is setting everything up.

So ActiveCampaign does that for you.

Instead of manually going through each new client and setting up automations by hand, Chase is able to copy automations that he’s already built for other clients—and that he can prove work (because he has actual numbers).

Imagine going into a sales pitch with that in your back pocket.

You could say something like: “I have these automations that have gotten great ROI for businesses just like yours. If you work with us, we can get you set up with those automations in just a few minutes. (And by the way, here are the numbers to prove it).”

Pretty good pitch for them—and much easier to set up when you bring clients on board.

You can even clone entire ActiveCampaign accounts, which makes it even easier to help your clients get started.

A tech stack that’s easy to set up—and sell

“Where we were at one year ago and where we are at right now are worlds apart” – Dr. Hardik Soni, CustomerBloom client

As Chase says, tech stacks are the way of the marketing future.

Building a great tech stack isn’t always easy. It means integrating a lot of different platforms, and working closely with each of the software partners to keep everything running smoothly.

Thanks to support from ActiveCampaign, the open API, and tools like importing automations and Account Snapshot, CustomerBloom is able to create an outstanding tech stack for their clients.